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2022 Iowa Landlord Association Residential Lease 
(The current release is Version 3.7, dated Feb 15, 2022) 

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    This is our "Best-in Class in Iowa" Lease and will be printed in color.   
NOTE: This is NOT a lease that socks it to the tenant but a fair and balanced lease which we are confident will stand up in court.  It should not draw lawsuits, nor the ire of the opposing counsel, nor the angst of a Magistrate because of an egregious stretch to beyond what Iowa Code 562A allows, by law.  

It is, however, aggressive at protecting YOUR rights as a landlord while still keeping prohibited provisions out of your lease. 

IaREIA-ILA originally commissioned Mark V. Hanson, Hanson Law, P.C., for creation of this lease in 2012.   Since then, we have added several significant updates:  
  1. To comply with Legislative changes to I.C. 562A that were effective July 1, 2013. 
  2. To add a clause for Severability (termed "Unenforceable Provisions"),
  3. An entirely new rewrite of the section regarding Abandoned Property,
  4. Enhancements to the Habitability clause, and
  5. To remove a few clauses which may not have been defensible in court, due to recent rulings of the Iowa Supreme Court (May, 2016).
  6. Forms Task Force review, numerous times.   
The lease you will receive is our latest version.  We claim it is the "best-in Class in Iowa" because no one has shown us a lease that is any better.   It has been vetted by Christopher Warnock, lead attorney for the Iowa Tenant's Project, as well. 

Should you use our lease and any provision of the lease causes you to lose in Court, we will indemnify your costs up to $1,000*.  This means if the judge rules in the opposing party's favor, as a direct result of a prohibited provision being found in our Lease, we will pay up to $1,000 of your court costs.  There are three pre-requisite's which must be proved prior to a claim being valid.

  1. *1) We must have on file a signed copy of the form "Members Agreement for Use of Association Forms" and the content must not have been altered (other than the header).
  2. 2) The user must be an active member, with dues current (just like any other "insurer" would require).
  3. 3) You may be asked to show evidence of payment for the lease in use, if we are unable to find record of such in our archives.  


5-100 copies, snail mailed to your door.  

 Replacement policy (due to a change in the form or law) is for 2-years from date of purchase.  We replace your unused lease forms inventory whenever you place a new order.   Selection
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Select the Add to Cart button above, then make your payment via credit card or your account.  Our Processing & Handling fee to ship to any US state or territory is already included in your order.  All Leases used in Iowa must conform to I.C. 562.A  - The Iowa Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act - (IURLTA) to stand up in court.   You could expect to pay $1,000, or more, for such a lease, drawn by an attorney. We are making it available at a fraction of the cost, and the reason we charge is to help defer the expense of keeping our forms up to date.

When we receive your order, we will ship to the specified address.  If you need it right away, please send an email to our office at  Please call (515) 255-0675 or (515) 710-1955 to confirm that we have received your order, if time is of the essence.  

If you have requested Logo artwork and Company/Apartment Community data to be added in the form header, please forward same to   

Please allow us 2-3 business days to ship.  Users may want to add additional addenda to your lease, e.g.: 

  1. Single-Family Bed Bug/Pest Control Addendum
  2. Two-Family Bed Bug/Pest Control Addendum
  3. Pet Policy Addendum
  4. Service Animal Addendum
  5. Assistance/Emotional Support Animal Addendum
  6. Crime-Free Housing Addendum
  7. Garage or Storage Addendum
  8. Your Specific Rules and Regulations 
  9. Walk-through Inspection prior to keys
  10. Your organization's personalized Addendum which lists all of your "included by reference" Addenda (e.g. Rental Policies & Rules, payment policies, etc.)

We make all of the above forms available in the Members Only section of our website, except your personalized Addendum.     

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