Iowa Real Estate Investors Association

IaREIA - Iowa Landlord Association offers two easy to use options to perform Background Checks for tenant or employee applicants.  

Option #1. 

This link will take you to the Sign-On Screen link to our CIC-ILA Apply Connect system, designed for residential landlords or property managers.   You will register as a landlord and within minutes you can be screening.  

Click on either link immediately below.    

Screen Tenant Applicant - NOW! <-->

You either setup an account for the first time, or login.    

When would you use this service?   

  • When your applicant is technically savvy - the Apply Connect service works because the landlord or property manager forwards a hypertext link (a clickable link) to the applicant
  • When your prospect is standing in front of you right after a showing and they say, "Ok.  We'll like it.  What do we need to do to qualify?  And, if we qualify, can we put a deposit on it, now?"
  • You want them to completely fill out an application, but they want to know if there are other hoops they need to jump through AFTER they complete the application.  And you say, "Yes.  We will do a background check".    You can send them the link, they can fill out the form in a couple of minutes, submit the form, and have a complete background check in 15-30 seconds
  • Once your applicant has completed the form, then they authorize YOU to see the results.  
  • You could approve them, "Subject-to" the applicant(s) completely filling out the application form, but they could place a deposit to hold the unit, until they have completed the application 

More info?   See under menu option "Screen Applicants".  

Option #2.  We would help you setup a permanent account, direct with CIC (Contemporary Information Corporation).  If you are a landlord or property manager with quite a couple of applicants per month, this option might work best for the long term.

This option includes an application that must be completed, and on-site inspection (to verify you have a shredder, a locking filing cabinet, a separate office for your rental business, and an business operation that is NOT in the business of laundering credite reports).  

Most of our members use this service, though the number of Apply Connect users is growing.     

This option works best when: 

  • The applicant is not as technically savvy -- maybe they didn't come with a smartphone in their hand 
  • If your applicant prefers to take your application with them, then bring that printed application back in a couple of days, or they want o fax it to you    
  • You have an apartment community, with full-time staff on duty, or at least regular office hours.  
  • Your volume is higher -- say, 3 to 100's of applicants per month
  • You want to integrate your applicant's info with your online forms -- you (or they, if you have a web-friendly application form online), only want to key in the info once, then have it auto-magically populate the forms (coming soon!).  
Please feel free to give us a call if you need help getting setup.  Using the CIC service typically makes raving fans of our members!!!